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10 January 2011 @ 11:25 am
(fic) Very Drunk and Getting Drunker Still  
Very Drunk and Getting Drunker Still | radishface
Inception → Cobb/Arthur, Eames/Cobb, Eames/Arthur
In which Eames and Arthur are Rhetts and Cobb is their Scarlett. 4400 words. Mature.
A/N: A gift for bold_seer for dream_exchange . Fic inspired by the KM prompt: Both Arthur and Eames are in love with Cobb, but both are convinced it's not worth the risk of ruining their relationships with the man by admitting it.

Fake cut below leads to the fic posting on dream_exchange .

( Eames is future-thinking and past-thinking and at this moment Arthur has finished giving the eulogy and is stepping off the podium. )